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The sponsoring institution must be tax exempt.


The applicant must acknowledge the support of The Mary E. Groff Charitable Trust in all future publications; similarly the Trust reserves the right to report the funding in its current and future publications.

Applications, once submitted, are the property of the Trust.

The applicant must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.

Duration of the award is 12 months.  Work is expected to begin within 90 days of receiving grant funding.  A financial summary is due upon completion of the project and any non-utilized funds must be returned to the Trust.  Investigators may, however, reapply for an additional 12 months of funding or for a no-cost extension (up to 12 months) within 90 days of project termination date.

Research Responsibilities

Human Subjects: The Trust requires that applicants follow the policies and procedures specified in "the Protection of Human Subjects" issued by the N.I.H. 

Vertebrate Animals: Animal welfare assurance and committee approval must be included with your application.

DNA: All genetic or recombinant DNA research must meet the current N.I.H. guidelines. 

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